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History of the Institute
Pda0004.jpg  History of the Institute is inseparably linked with the name of its founder – academician of the Russian academy of medical sciences, professor Vladimir Alexandrovich Negovsky. He was an outstanding pathophysiologist, the founder of reanimatology, who was listed among the greatest medical scientists of the XX century along with Roentgen, Freud, Fleming. Together with the staff of the Institute he created a research school that was recognized and respected all over the world.

1936 – V.A. Negovsky founded the first in the world Laboratory at the Institute of neurosurgery named “Restoration of life processes in near-death processes”.

1948 – The Laboratory was transformed into an independent structure of the Russian academy of medical sciences

1961 – On the congress of trauma specialists in Budapest V.A. Negovsky proposed the new term “reanimatology”.

1985 – Laboratory was transformed into the Institute of General Reanimatology of USSR Academy of medical sciences.

1990 – the branch of the Institute in Novokuznetsk was opened.

2000 – the Dissertation Council was founded.

2004 – the Institute initiated the foundation of the Russian National Resuscitation Council (NRC). Russia represented by the NRC became a member of the European Resuscitation Council.

2005 – publication of the journal “General Reanimatology” was started. 

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