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The Russian National resuscitation council
The Russian National Resuscitation Council (RusNRC) has been full member of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and its exclusive representative in Russia since 2004.

The founder of the RusNRC is the V.A. Negovsky scientific research institute of general reanimatology of the Russian academy of medical sciences, which itself was founded as a Laboratory for resuscitation by the “father of reanimatology”, academician V.A. Negovsky in 1936.

President of the RusNRC – Professor, Fellow of the ERC Viktor V. Moroz, head of the V.A. Negovsky scientific research institute of general reanimatology RAMS, head of the anesthesiology-reanimatology department of the Moscow State medical dental university, editor-in-chief of the "General reanimatology" journal.

Goal of the RusNRC: to develop and implement unified CPR educational programmes in compliance with ERC guidelines and to improve cardiac arrest outcomes

RusNRC current activities:

                        • participation in the development, manufacturing and implementation of the Russian automated external defibrillators with optimal biphasic Gurvich-Venin impulse (imPulse, imPulse LCD, imPulse PRO)
                        • morphological (investigations into morphology of various parts of rat brain after cardiac arrest and resuscitation)
                        • physiological (research into rats` behavior after cardiac arrest and resuscitation)
                        • clinical (epidemiology, prophylaxis and prompt treatment of cardiac arrest)


    • enlargement of the RusNRC Advisory Council, including representatives from all the regions of Russia.
    • collaboration with ERC (participation in the activities of the BLS/AED provider International course committee; translation of ERC educational packages).


    • BLS/AED provider courses
    • RucNRC BLS/AED provider courses are specifically targeted at medical specialists as candidates. Students, residents and research fellows of the V.A. Negovsky scientific research institute of general reanimatology, medical universities of Moscow, doctors of Russia, CPR instructors, representatives of the Ministry of Civil Defense participated in these courses. 

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