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Research Laboratory staff Publications

The laboratory was organized in 2009.

The main research areas:

1. Investigation of erythrocyte membrane structure in nanoscale under critical states of organism. Particularly, studying of surface structure of red blood cells under blood loss, hypotension, various types of endogenous and exogenous intoxications, action of farmchemicals on the blood (anesthetics, muscle relaxants and others).

2. Investigation of red blood cells nanostructure under action of ionizing radiation: gamma-radiation, beams of electrons and protons, nucleus of heavy elements on the blood in a wide range of doses.

The laboratory has been working with leading scientific organizations in Russian Federation:

- NT-MDT Co in the area of nanotechnologies and atomic force microscopy,

- JINR, Dubna, in the area of action of ionizing radiation on blood,

- the physical faculty of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University in the area of biophysics of membranes studying,

- I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University in the area of nanostructure of bilayers.

The laboratory collaborates with clinical bases of V.A. Negovsky Research Institute of General Reanimatology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.