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Research directions of the Laboratory

The main direction of the research at the Laboratory of clinical pathophysiology of critical states is to organize and conduct basic research in the field of mechanisms of the development of critical, terminal and postresuscitation states, development of the principles of prevention and correction of hypoxia in critical states, training specialists in anesthesiology-reanimatology.

Currently the Laboratory deals with the following research areas:

- Investigation into new candidate biomarkers of critical states and their implementation into the practical critical care medicine.

- Study of the pathogenesis and new methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of acute respiratory distress syndrome of various etiologies.

- Development and improvement of methods for invasive and non-invasive respiratory support.

- Study of the effectiveness of non-respiratory treatment of acute respiratory failure (prone-position, perfluocarbons, surfactant, etc.) in patients with multiple trauma and sepsis.

- Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of systemic disorders and organ perfusion in critically ill patients.

- Study of the nutritional status of patients in critical conditions and methods of its correction.

- Study of the pathophysiology of cardiac arrest, development and implementation of new methods of defibrillation in sudden cardiac death.

- Development of methods for the prevention and treatment of postresuscitation disease, rehabilitation of patients after terminal conditions.

- Development of new methods of postoperative pain relief in patients.

The Laboratory is affiliated with the following hospitals:

S.P. Botkin City Hospital

City Hospital № 15 

Address: RUSSIA, 107031, Moscow, 25 Petrovka str., build. 2